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Own terrace like in a cottage

Spacious terrace in each apartment is a special place from 10 to 70 sq. m.  This is our unique peculiarity. The arrangement of the terrace practically doesn`t require investment. The walls, ceiling and floor are ready. Lay something delightful for your feet and enjoy the clean air.

Just imagine: your apartment has a place to make a play area for children, have dinner overlooking the pine forest, or even walk the animals.

Personal garden on the terrace
There are a large area and convenient design for making a snug place. According to all the rules of landscape design, you can create a blooming garden or a flower bed on the terrace.
Leisure and sports at home
There are no limits. You can sunbathe, swim in a mini-pool, have a family picnic with barbeque or do yoga. There is enough space for fully relaxation and having fun on the terrace.
Hobbies in a cozy atmosphere
Being inspired by natural beauty and breathing the fresh air, there is a possibility to paint, read, do music or handicrafts.
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Do you want to live in an apartment with your own large terrace?
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24/7 security
The residential complex is under the reliable protection of a trusted security company. They provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week security. You can safely walk and not worry about the children playing on the playgrounds.
Underground parking with lift
Your cars are protected from strangers and negative weather conditions. The lift from the house goes directly into the parking lot. It is very convenient and without pedestrian crossings.
Yard without cars
The area near the house is for people, not for cars. There are playgrounds and sports grounds, green lawns, plenty of space for walking and quiet relaxation.
Closed area without cars and with underground parking

We have done our best to create a comfortable living environment. It is securely guarded and not crowded with cars. We fully understand your will to walk away from the noise of the cars. Utlandia is a completely safe area around the house where you can have a good time.

Danish project
We have successfully implemented the most interesting ideas of architects from Denmark.
Only 130 apartments
Comfortable houses are in a quiet location. After renovation, you can move into the apartment and live a full life, without waiting for the completion of the development of other stages.
Maximum complete set
In a finished apartment, you just need to redecorate. You move in without unnecessary costs and loss of time.
Modern architecture. Scandinavian style

In search of inspiration, we visited the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen. The Danes know how to build competently and live comfortably. We implemented their main ideas and developments in Utlandia project. Each house is a small terrain of Scandinavia in Irpen.

complete set of the apartment
minutes to Kiev
meters to the central park
Every detail is in its place. We are supporters of a European approach to planning. Each apartment has a spacious kitchen-living room with access to a large terrace. This increases the usable floor space and allows you to embody ideas for a comfortable atmosphere.
100%. Full payment for an apartment with a guaranteed additional discount.
instalments plan without appreciation. We fix the price for the apartment, and you pay it in stages within the agreed period.
payment by instalments up to 24 months. Deposit 50% right away, and the remaining amount can be paid within 2 years.
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Accommodation is in a calm, quiet place with clean air and picturesque views. The complex is surrounded by pine trees, which create special coziness. At the same time, you are not cut off from the world. The complex is located near the centre of Irpin and the city's best park.
Hello from Utlandia
We always keep in touch with our investors. Once a month a developer`s representative meets the fund clients and provides the whole information about the progress of work, plans and different variants of infrastructure development. The representative answers questions and confirms that the object will be finished exactly on time. Enjoy all the advantages of a new format. Leave your contacts to get more information and visit the facility. Start a new life! Surround yourself with coziness and comfort in a quiet, safe place.
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